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Meet the

A fully paid up member of the world famous German sausage dynasty, 'Fondlers Frankfurters', our drummist keeps time using his four skins and a bodhran.
Please meet our German drummer, 'Helmut Fondler', heir and son of the original German Sausage Fondlers.

Meet the
Meet the

Nationality unsure, the banjoist, (well he uses it twice), also plays our guitars.
and a mandolin.
Meet our frontman and lead vocalist, the mouthpiece of the outfit and full of mildly amusing quips.
Introducing the man simply known as Bob Flanagan.

Some say he's half Spanish.
Some say he's half Irish.
All we know is, he's called 'Juan Connors'.
He plays our bass, flute and sax.
And penny whistles.
Which cost fifty quid each.
And that's just wrong.
Really wrong.

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